Chris Norton Photography

Chris Norton Photography

"My passion is photography, & creating

stunning portraiture that you will treasure forever"

Hi, I'm Chris, a fine art photographer specialising in location photography in South Wales. My work often takes me around the UK and beyond.

Photography is not just about taking a nice photo, its about what that photo means to the viewer, and how it makes them feel. 

The Planning - To get a great photo a lot needs to be done, choosing the right location, time of day, the right clothes, props and preparing yourself or your animals to look their best.


The Photoshoot - People are often nervous, as well as animals, patience by myself is crucial, reading the signs to be able to carryout the photoshoot making you feel at ease. Its got to be fun for all, I make it fun and enjoyable. 

The Editing - Here is where a little bit of magic takes place, working on the photo to enhance it to its full potential. I won't put false skies in, or anything else to alter the photo from what it was, its got to be natural, with just the subtle enhancements. 

The Viewing - Here you get to see the images taken, for you to choose your favourites to be displayed the way you want. 

Chris Norton Photography - South Wales, UK + Beyond.

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