Chris Norton Photography

Chris Norton Photography

It all started with a pearl

When I was a young child of about 12, I used to search inside mussels looking for pearls in West Wales, one day I found what is commonly known as a Pea Crab, a tiny jelly crab living inside a mussel. 

So I photographed it, with my 110 camera, my first camera. Much to my surprise the photo didn't come out, this started my photography, learning about cameras, exposure and composition, finding out how to get the best picture possible, whatever I was photographing. 

I studied photography in school, then college, and worked as a press photographer whilst finishing my photography A Level in college. My photography jobs have included medical photography, cruise ship photography, press, celebrity, fashion, wedding, professional printing and mounting. I've learnt photography using film cameras, there was no digital in my day, the photo had to be right when you pressed the button. 

My photography has taken me around the world, and have been lucky to photograph celebrities along the way. Robbie Williams, Gloria Hunniford, Ruby Wax, James Coburn and Edward Woodward to name just a few. 

My life has given me a wealth of experience on how to photograph large groups to individuals, whatever position or status they hold, in all kinds of lighting and weather. So if you are wanting photos of your little ones, or if you are starting a new adventure and about to get married, then I can produce the images you'll treasure forever. 

In the last 5 years, I have taken on a new adventure myself........Animals!

Yes, Dogs and Horses, they are amazing to photograph, capturing their attitude and character, whilst also being gentle and adorable. For the dog in your life, your true best friend, or the horse you tend to each day, and proud to ride, then have the experience of a photoshoot by me to have that fine art imagery hanging on your wall. It'll bring a smile to you every time you look at it.

Fine Art Photography by Chris Norton. 

Admire it, Treasure it.